Watchmen Tunes is currently streaming 175 Watchmen and Abraham songs from 1969 to 1987.
This includes digitally re-mastered albums and recordings I found of live concerts.

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I am experimenting with different audio players below to get them to work on iPhone/iPad and most browsers. Click the Icon the lower right (if it has one) to popout the player in a new window. Then you can leave this page while the music plays.

Add Your Watchmen Memories To The Music Stream

Watchmen Tunes is looking for audio comments, stories, memories, experiences and whatever you may have to say about your times with The Watchmen. These recordings will be added to the radio stream. Use the audio widget below make your recording, save it and attach it to an email to Loren Greene at

Hit the record button, hit the allow button for Flash that comes up (twice it seems), start with your name (first name only if you want) and then let er rip! Hit the stop button when you are finished and you will have the chance to listen or retry if you don't like the recording. Once you are satisfied hit the "Click Here To Save" link at the bottom and you will be presented with a variety of sharing choices. One good way is to choose the option to save to your computer and attach it to an email or hit the email button and it will bring up a box to email it and buttons to send it from a webmail service. Send it to You can also share it to Facebook and I'll be able to get it from there but send me an email as well so I know to go looking for it on your FB page. Your friends might think you're weird recording random stuff though so maybe just send it to me.

You must be at a computer with a microphone (laptop for sure) as it will not work from the web page on an iPad or iPhone. I haven't tested it on an Android phone. On an iPhone you can use the Voice Memo app to record something and email it to me directly from the iPhone. I don't have an Android phone but it's probably possible on that platform to record and email it to me on the phone.

Of course, by you sending me the audio click you agree to allow it to be used on the Watchmen Tunes radio stream. Also, be careful what buttons you hit or you could end up ordering a pizza.

Take a sip of water, sit up straight, speak up and let everybody hear what you have to say. Here's your chance to be on stage performing with the Watchmen, sort of... If you really were with The Watchmen or with another group performing on stage, everyone would love to hear from you for sure.

If The Watchmen were at your house in July, decorated your entire house for Christmas and turned all of your furniture (I mean all of it) up-side-down while you were off at a Dallas Holm concert, your audio clip may be edited. If you ended up with spaghetti on your walls after telling your Grandmother "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?," same thing, edited. If you drove your car (following the bus as if on a tow bar) to Nova Scotia (not a typo, I do mean the one in Canada) to attend concerts, that stays in. Somebody should write a book!!

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